CUSTOM LIGHTING for your installation

All our systems are based on a lighting technology design, developed according to the characteristics and size of the environment to be lit, the type of farm selected and the suggestions of the customer. Using calculations performed with a specific advanced computer software, we obtain a 3D lighting simulation that indicates all the parameters given by the calculations, including:

  • a plan showing the positions of the lamps and the lighting achieved by the system;

  • the number and type of lamps envisaged for the design with the relative energy consumption;

  • a 3D rendering of the environment showing the light intensity values over all the surfaces using a colour scale in which the different colours represent the different lighting values obtained;

  • the lighting values obtained from the calculations, expressed in average lux, minimum lux and maximum lux, and the evenness of light distribution achieved.

On the basis of this lighting technology design, we obtain all the information necessary to produce the system, including the lamps to be used, their layout and the lenses required.

Once the lamps have been produced, we perform the (optional) system prewiring (opzionale), i.e. the LED light bars envisaged for the design are assembled on our flat cable and the established distance, so that the system is immediately ready to be installed..

All the customer has to do is take it out of the packaging, secure the row of lamps at the height envisaged by the installation diagram and connect them up to the control unit and to the mains, following the attached electrical diagrams.

Having done this, your farm lighting system is ready for use right away and you can use control unit to set up and activate the desired daily profile or adjust the lighting manually, depending on your needs.