Lighting systems for layer farming in cages

The lighting for layer hen farming is particularly important but there are also various obstacles to creating the correct system: first of all, it has to be remembered that the cages must be lit both inside and outside, in order to be used effectively by the birds, and this requires the installation of a series of rows of lamps (often with different characteristics) in order to light all the areas of the farm properly. However, the main problem with layers in cages is related to the particular structure of the cages that creates a series of shadows that must be eliminated as far as possible to prevent the hens from laying outside of the collection nest boxes, which leads to waste that is translated into lower productivity.

For these reasons, we devote a lot of time and attention to designing these lighting systems, to prevent as far as possible the formation of shadow areas and to achieve even light distribution throughout the farm. Given the modest amount of light required by this category, with values usually between an average of 40 and 50 lux on the various surfaces, we recommend the use of low voltage light bars with 8 or 16 LEDs for the outside of the cages and rows made up of 3-LED light bars or our LED fireflies, all fitted with a set of lenses perfected specially to suit your individual farm. The control system is also of key importance because the division of the system into different areas enables great freedom of management by the farmer and allows him, for example, to move the birds around the various levels of the cage simply by switchin on and switching off the different rows of lighting.

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