Lomar has been designing and producing electronic devices (such as logic boards, PLCs, control units, domotics, etc.) and cables for industrial automation for over thirty years, supplying industry leaders and working in partnership with them to create innovative and reliable products. In 1998, we decided to break into the LED lighting system sector, producing efficient and high tech lamps, quickly becoming one of the market leaders thanks to the reliability and validity of our lights.

Thanks to our technical know-how, the Lomar products are designed and produced entirely within the company, from the research and development to final testing and CE marking, by an expert and highly specialised team with a production line equipped with the most advanced systems, including automatic SMD assembly stations, pick&place machines, selective and wave welding machines, functional testing with flying probe and automated 3D optical inspection, which, together with the traditional functional testing, guarantee the precision and quality of our products.

In addition to this, we have a compatibility study laboratory, equipped with semi-anechoic chamber (one of the largest in Italy), in which we perform all the product tests according to the existing regulations for CE marking and product conformity tests. More recently, Lomar created a new machining department fitted with cutting-edge machinery, intended for own and third party production of high precision and high quality components and parts.

Lomar is growing daily, carried by the unstoppable evolution in Electronics, following the same guidelines as this industry that has contributed significantly to improving our quality of life in recent decades.

Expertise, operational versatility, precision and rapid execution make Lomar the ideal partner for a modern business that has chosen innovation and its strength.

Industrial Electronics

Innovative hardware and software for industrial and non-industrial use

LED lighting

Design and production of high quality LED lighting systems


Machining for third parties: laser cutting, bending, Machining Centres (CNC) and TIG welding

Poultry LED

LED lighting systems for poultry farming

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