Lighting systems for broiler farms

Over 90% of farms that raise broilers, i.e. birds raised for meat production, use conventional farming methods, with the birds kept on the ground in different sized sheds.

These require good lighting and, above all, very even light distribution because the birds are instinctively attracted by the light and, if there are brighter and darker areas, they crowd under the light and there is the risk some that birds will die from asphyxiation.

The quantity of light is also very important, as it enables the birds to see the feeders and drinkers, especially in the early stages of housing, and most breeders usually require ground lighting of a minimum of 60 lux with a colour temperature of 4000K, i.e. neutral white.

For this type of farming, given the absence of elements blocking the light, our systems envisage (in most cases) the use of 230Vac LED light bars arranged in a single central row, which allows significant savings by reducing to a minimum the costs of system production and installation, and fitted with lenses that broaden the beam of light to cover the whole width of the shed, contributing significantly to achieving the evenness of light distribution necessary for this type of farming.

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