Brooder house lighting systems

In order to produce efficient lighting systems for farms with brooder houses, it is essential to take into account the structures that will house the birds because, as well as the possible differences between cage models (size and technical characteristics), it is very important to understand how they work, given that such cages are usually fitted with shelves, gates and perches that are gradually opened as the birds grow, so they require a lighting system that ensures the right amount of light for every possible cage layout and with the most even light distribution possible, to prevent the chicks from crowding in the most well-lit areas.

The systems for this type of farming, which usually require between 30 and 40 lux of light, are normally produced using mainly low voltage bars installed on various lines and fitted with sets of custom lenses, so as to distribute the light evenly, both inside and outside the cage, for every possible layout of the structure.

In addition to lighting, the control system is also very important, as it allows you to switch on and off the various rows of lamps according to the layout used in a given period of time and/or to satisfy the lighting needs of the breeder.

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