Lighting systems for farming layers on the ground

Unlike for the other types of layer farming, the lighting technology for ground layer farms is more simple to create because the shape and characteristics of this type of system broadly resemble those widely used for breeders and, as compared to other types of layer farms, there is the advantage of having a lot fewer elements blocking the light and thus there are fewer areas of shadow.

These few areas of shadow must in any case be reduced to a minimum to prevent the hens from laying their eggs outside of the collection nest boxes, given their instinct for seeking out dark places in which to lay.

The lamps recommended for these systems are the same 230Vac LED light bars used for breeder farms, though with the difference that, given there is no need to achieve such high light intensity, the number and power of the lamps required to obtain the correct amount of light is reduced, usually to around 40-50 lux.

In order to achieve the correct lighting, we study the characteristic of your system and, based on the results of the lighting technology simulation, we envisage the use of one or more rows of lamps and the lenses to be used to achieve the best possible result, in terms of both cost savings and amount of light.

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