Lighting systems for pullet farming

The main objective with pullet farming is the successful growth of the birds, leading to healthy and robust hens destined for egg laying. To achieve this objective, the birds must get used to moving up and down between the floor and the perches available.

These structures can create areas of shadow, which have to be eliminated by the lighting system, the design of which must therefore take into consideration the structural obstacles and layout to resolve the problem.

The lighting systems for this type of farm are built of one or more rows of lamps, depending on the possible shadows caused by the structures and the perches found in the shed, and are fitted with a set of lenses to distribute the light produced evenly to reduce as far as possible the formation of areas of shadow.

Usually, pullet farmers require lighting of around 100 lux on the ground, so it is advisable to use 230Vac LED light bars in order to meet this requirement effectively whilst also reducing the costs of both purchasing and installing the system.

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