Lighting systems for turkey farming

As with broilers, turkeys are also farmed on the ground, and usually in large sheds, but with the difference that they need a lot more light than broilers, with minimum lighting of 100 lux on the ground, mainly in the early stages of housing, and most farmers prefer neutral white light (4000K).

Even light distribution is also very important to prevent the birds from crowding under the lamps, due to their instinctive attraction to light sources, with the resulting problem of the risk of birds dying of asphyxiation. Given the need to provide a significant amount of light for this type of farm, the ideal lamps for these systems are high power 230Vac LED light bars installed on a single central row, fitted with special lenses to spread the light beam over the full width of the shed and maintain high levels of even light distribution.

In addition, the use of a central row of lights achieves significant cost savings by reducing the cost of the system and of its installation considerably, as compared to traditional systems.

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