Lighting systems for breeders

In breeder farms, light is essential for the birds, as it allows the cockerels to identify the females and thus go ahead with mating. However, the correct light distribution is also very important to prevent production problems or shortfalls, as overly intense lighting above the entrances to the nest boxes discourages hens from going in and laying, due to the natural inclination to seek dark places to lay their eggs. For the same reason, shaded areas are to be avoided, especially in the floor area near the side perches (where present), as the hens could lay outside of the collection nest boxes and the eggs would then be wasted.

Given the need to distribute the light only in certain areas, these systems mostly use 2 rows of lamps positioned in line with the side perch tube to prevent shade (and thus prevent the problem described above) and are fitted with side walls on the nest boxes to limit the amount of light that reaches them, which must be no more than 30-40 lux, whilst the rest of the system requires the maintenance of an average of 90 lux. The recommended products for this type of system are 230Vac LED light bars, with special lenses that distribute the light along the longitudinal axis of the shed, which allows you to position lamps even at fairly high intervals, thus reducing the number of lamps necessary to complete the system.

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